The Best Way to Interact with Policyholders

Times are changing in the insurance industry. The days of simply meeting in the office or mailing out important information are over. Over 90% of the total population in New Zealand are now active internet users. 

It is much easier to communicate with clients with modern-day technology. Adults spend a significant portion of their day on social media, e-mail, and other digital forms of communication.

Read on for the best ways to communicate with policyholders, and explore how to recruit and retain new customers by using technology.

Publish a Blog

At this point, every insurance company has a website. It is critical as people primarily use search engines like Google to identify and select a business.

What if your company does not show up in a Google search? How do you increase traffic to your website?

First, you should start off by indexing your website to the search engine. Next, you should start a blog on your website. For example, you can write an article about how insurance claims are handled.

This is a great way to communicate useful information to new and existing clients. Using search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques on your blog posts will also help move your website up Google’s rankings.

Social Media

It seems like everyone is on social media these days. Whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, social media is where people go for information. In addition to communicating with friends and family, social media users also go there for business referrals.

Social media is a great place to advertise your insurance policies and programs. You can communicate discounts for first responders or teachers. You can also share your company’s blog posts on social media. This is an effective way to drive traffic to your site and lead web visitors to contact an insurance agent.

Video Marketing

Scientific studies show that people retain information better when watching a video.

In the modern era, print marketing is no longer viewed as the best way to reach new clients. Instead, you should create fun and interesting videos. There are a number of different platforms for sharing videos.

Hosting a YouTube channel is an effective way for customers to learn what your company is all about. Here, you can share news, promotions, and how claims are processed. Instagram and Snapchat are also great platforms for video marketing. New and existing clients can share your videos to spread the word.

Create an App

Your insurance company should have a mobile app. On your app, clients could make payments and download their policy information.

Apps can send notifications to clients about auto-renewals or policy expiration dates. They can track claim status and upload important documentation on the app.

Reaching Policyholders with Technology

Millennials and Generation Z communicate differently than generations past. To grow your insurance company, it is important to communicate on the same frequency. This means using apps and social media to reach them.

If you need help communicating with policyholders or handling claims, contact us to speak with a specialist.

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