Modern Technology for Customer Service and Claims Management

90% of the world's data was created within just the past two years.

Technology is an ever-changing beast that many of us rely on for everyday personal and business actions. Keeping pace with it can be difficult, but it also can be a great way to improve your business.

Are you an employer or insurer that wants to keep up with the latest technology trends?
Learn more about modern technology in customer service and claims management below.

Customer Service Technology

There are key advantages to using technology in your customer service areas that will increase customer engagement and drive customer satisfaction higher.

If your goal is to start improving customer service, you need to start looking at what your customers are doing with the technology and processes you use now. Once you understand what is being utilised most effectively, you can build from it with additional digital optimisation that will only make it better.

Some of the specific categories that you may want to focus on include:

  • Websites
  • E-mail
  • Chat
  • Tied communications
  • Management software


If you don't have an easily accessible, functional website, your customers are going to notice.
It's crucial to provide specific areas on your website that customers can navigate to get their questions answered.

You can lead them to an FAQ page so that they can answer their own questions, you can add a comments section for users to help each other, or you can add a contact function for direct contact.


Using e-mail for customer service has become extremely normalised and is an easy way to use technology to improve your customer service and response.

When you're able to quickly respond to your customers, they will feel valued and appreciated.


Chat functions on websites are a useful tool, but they aren't right for every business. In addition to that, some customers may find them annoying if it comes with pop-ups or dinging sounds.

If you plan to use a chat function, there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Be sure that you think about implementation before using this customer service technology.

Tied Communications

Technology exists today that allows you to tie in different types of communication so that you know how your customers are engaging with you.

If you have a customer that called three days ago and left a message, but then they also sent an e-mail yesterday, a unified system can tell you which customer this was.

Knowing specifically which customers are engaging with you most helps you provide better customer service to the customers that need it most.

Management Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software is crucial for businesses today that want to have loyal, repeat customers.

It is a type of software that allows you to store certain pieces of customer and prospective customer information. You can identify leads, review sales opportunities, find customer service concerns, and manage your campaigns in one spot.

Because all of this data is in one area, you can get a more holistic view of how your customer service is stacking up at any given moment.

Claims Management Technology

This type of technology is just as important as customer service technology for any New Zealand business. Claims management technology can help an insurer protect themselves, but also their customers.

Focusing on improving claims management is a good idea if you plan to give your customers an exceptional experience that is far beyond what your competitors can offer.

Claims processing continues to be a difficult factor for health plans, and it has major flaws. This is especially true today when correct claims disbursement is so important and people expect accurate information.

Two specific areas to direct your resources are:

  • Claims management software
  • Data management (and centralisation)

Claims Management Software

This is software used by insurers so that the entire claims cycle is managed in one area.

From the creation of the claim to the settlement, this system will automate processes so that there is less time and money wasted. As a result, faster processing will improve your customers' experiences.

Data Management

Being able to audit claims and trace data is important for an insurer.

Claims management is less complicated today than it ever has been thanks to technology. Because claims are so time-sensitive and generate so much data, using technology to organise and automatically manage the data for you makes it easier.

You can manage the many different claims from many different customers at once without the manual work.

How to Keep Pace with Changing Modern Technology

This technology impacts everything else around us because it makes processes and business functions more effective.

For instance, without global technology, the world would have come to a screeching halt during the COVID-19 pandemic because people weren't able to be together. Technology was the glue that held together many businesses in every country.

Things are getting easier for customers and businesses alike to get things done because of the improvements made in technology.

Automated processes make things go faster. Increased communication channels make conveying important information easier. In general, accomplishing tasks is much more efficient.

Technology is going to continue to change in New Zealand and around the world in regards to customer service and claims management.

Customers want to be able to figure things out on their own and then help others rather than rely on a response from the company. They also appreciate personalised support, which comes from a company managing their data and then using it during interactions.

Nothing is ever going to replace the human-to-human experience. Instead of AI and general automation replacing us, let's use it as a tool to make our customer experience better.

Are You Looking for Help from the Experts?

The latest technology trends are here, so knowing and understanding how they can improve your business functionality is a great way to increase customer satisfaction.

Modern technology is not a burden. Instead, it is an opportunity for you to enhance your customers' experiences and provide better services to everyone you work with.

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This publication is not intended to offer legal advice or client-specific claims management advice. General descriptions contained herein do not include complete definitions, terms, and/or conditions, and should not be relied on for claims management interpretation. Actual claims and risk management policies must always be consulted for full coverage details and analysis.

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