Managing Non-Work Injuries in New Zealand

The ACC's Accredited Employer Programme (AEP) is primarily designed to allow qualifying employers to manage their own workplace injuries.

In July 2013, ACC launched a pilot to allow a number of existing AEP employers to also have non-work injuries managed on behalf of a Third Party Administrator (TPA). With more than 5,500 non-work claims outsourced, the successful programme has now been extended to all AEP employers.

Who is able to participate in the non-work component of the programme?

Employers who currently participate in the AEP programme and use a third party to manage their claims will be able to extend their participation to non-work injuries. 

What are the benefits for employers and employees?

  • A single point of contact for work and non-work claims.
  • No change in process or additional responsibility for payroll.
  • Case Managers that already have knowledge of your business, systems, processes and personnel.
  • Less administrative work for you and your business
  • Better rehabilitation and return to work outcomes for injured team members.
  •  No additional cost for your business (GB is paid by ACC in respect of non-work claims).
  •  Significant reduction in costs
  •  No additional contractual obligations. The contract for services is between GB and ACC.

For example, when Gallagher Bassett works with an employer, we get an understanding of their business structure, the people to speak to; and what matters to them. Because of our experience with self-insurance, we are able to provide fast, effective claims management, whether managing work or non-work related injury claims.

This partnership provides better rehabilitation outcomes and ensures a speedy return to work for your employees. Not only does this programme cost nothing to employers (it is paid by ACC), it actually reduces an employer's indirect costs (productivity and time loss). As the ACC is outsourcing to third-party administrators such as Gallagher Bassett, there are no contractual obligations – just a simplified, cost-effective claims management solution.

What is the non-work claims process?

The process for managing non-work claims is aimed at reducing the time you employees are away from work, and also simplifying the administration time for your business internally.

The employee still talks to their doctor if they sustain an injury, and if the doctor certifies more than seven days off work or alternate duties, the claim will be transferred to Gallagher Bassett. The knowledge of our client’s business means we know who to contact within the business, company processes and policies as well as standard rehabilitation and return to work practices.

What are the next steps? 

The AEP is a successful initiative and the opening up of non-work claims management to TPA's, has been very successful for both employers and the injured employees.

If you are considering using a third-party administrator for non-work injuries or joining the AEP, have a conversation with Gallagher Bassett to see how it could improve your business outcomes and employee wellbeing.

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