9 Employee Recognition Ideas to Treat Your team

You’ve got one of the best teams around, and they work tirelessly to ace every project. But in the midst of all that’s going on, it can be easy to overlook applauding or thanking your employees to show them your appreciation.

Gabrielle Cook, National People and Culture Manager, says it's important to recognise employees for putting in the work, especially when some may be struggling with the effects of pandemic fatigue.

"Recognition is a great way to make people feel appreciated and shows them that their work matters. This, in turn, creates greater job satisfaction, increases employee retention and improves productivity,"

Many employee recognition ideas involve a simple gesture that shows appreciation for their hard work — and a little can go a long way.

Here are 9 employee recognition ideas that you can try after that next big win!

  1. Organise a team lunch at a local restaurant, within walking distance so you can chat along the way.
  2. Host an employee appreciation day with activities in the office. This could include card games, ping pong and picnic nibbles.
  3. Instead of writing a thank-you by email or Slack message, try expressing your gratitude in person or over a phone or Zoom meeting. Good work deserves to be recognised and this act is more personal and will be a pleasant surprise.
  4. In team meetings, recognise a person's key accomplishments or milestones.
  5. Reward team members for excellent performance with an employee recognition program. For example, a team player-of-the-month program that allows workers to suggest their peers.
  6. Allow employees flexibility with how they structure their day. For example, let employees head outside for a midday session at the gym. The extra freedom for employees to choose how they spend their breaks can boost productivity and encourage trust.
  7. Take an employee out for coffee. This gives you a chance to catch up with them one-on-one and see how they are going. 
  8. Celebrate milestones such as work anniversaries. 
  9. If you're returning to the office or integrating into a hybrid model, add an in-office incentive as simple as a snack bar with a variety of treats. Being able to put the hunger pangs to rest can help keep employees happy and productive day-to-day.


If you want to celebrate the successes of your employees when they go the extra mile, there are many ways to do it. Make sure that you consider some of the employee recognition ideas listed above if you want to build a better company culture.

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